The Pros and Cons of Different Hero Types in Idle Heroes

The Pros and Cons of Different Hero Types in Idle Heroes 1

The Pros and Cons of Different Hero Types in Idle Heroes 2

In the world of Idle Heroes, players can choose from a variety of hero types to build their ultimate team. Each hero type has its strengths and weaknesses, making it crucial for players to carefully consider their options. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using different hero types in Idle Heroes.

Tank Heroes

Tank heroes are the backbone of any team, as they possess high defensive abilities and can absorb a lot of damage from the enemy. They are perfect for players who want to play defensively and want to keep their heroes alive as long as possible. On the other hand, Tank heroes are not the most lethal, as they often lack offensive abilities, making them less effective in battle.

Support Heroes

Support heroes excel in providing buffs to their teammates, such as increasing their speed, damage, or healing abilities. They also have powerful crowd control abilities that can stun or silence enemy heroes. The main drawback of support heroes is that they are not the most effective when it comes to dealing damage, which can be a problem when players need to quickly eliminate enemy heroes.

Assassin Heroes

Assassin heroes are all about damage dealing, as they have the highest damage per second (DPS) in the game. They are perfect for players who like to play offensively and want to take out enemy heroes as quickly as possible. However, assassin heroes are very squishy and can be eliminated very easily if not protected by other heroes. They are also not effective against enemies with high defense capabilities, making them less versatile.

Mage Heroes

Mage heroes are perfect for players who want to deal damage from a distance. They have powerful AoE (area of effect) spells that can deal damage to multiple enemies at once, making them ideal for wiping out large groups of enemies. The main drawback of mage heroes is that they have low defense and can be easily eliminated if attacked by enemy heroes.

Ranger Heroes

Ranger heroes are a great balance of offense and defense. They have high damage per second (DPS) and can deal significant damage from a distance, making them ideal for players who like to play offensively. They also have decent defensive capabilities, making them useful in protecting other heroes. However, they are not as effective in dealing with large groups of enemies as mage heroes, and not as effective in dealing with heavily armored enemies as assassin heroes. Want to deepen your knowledge on the subject? Check out this external resource we’ve prepared for you, containing supplementary and pertinent details to broaden your comprehension of the subject. Access this detailed analysis!


In summary, each hero type has its benefits and drawbacks, making it important for players to choose heroes based on their team’s overall strategy and their playing style. Tank heroes provide great defense but lack offensive capabilities, while support heroes provide buffs and crowd control but don’t deal much damage. Assassin heroes deal the highest DPS but are very squishy, while mage heroes deal damage from a distance but have low defense. Lastly, ranger heroes provide a balance between offense and defense but are not as effective against large groups of enemies or heavily armored enemies.

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