The Variety of Shapes and Sizes of Poker Tables

The Variety of Shapes and Sizes of Poker Tables 1

Understanding the Importance of Poker Tables

Poker has become one of the favorite pastimes for many adults worldwide. It is the way to challenge yourself, your intellectual skills, and luck. While playing poker, the table on which the game is played is an essential aspect that builds the gaming experience. The functionality of the table is vital, and tables are available in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirements of players. It is essential to learn about the shapes and sizes of tables to choose the suitable table for playing.

Rectangular Poker Tables

The most popular type of poker table is rectangular, with dimensions of 84 inches by 42 inches. It is a standard size table for eight to ten people to play. In rectangular tables, the dealer sits on one of the lengthier sides and faces the players. Besides, the table may have a raised rail that surrounds the playing surface, which is usually between two and five inches in height. The rail holds the player’s chips, drinks, and other items.

Oval Poker Tables

Oval poker tables are another famous shape used in casinos and poker rooms. The shape is advantageous because it provides a more comfortable playing surface than rectangular tables. Oval tables range in length from 84 inches to 96 inches and a width between 42 and 48 inches. Oval tables are perfect when accommodating eight to nine people with a dealer at the longer end of the table. The oval shape also ensures that every player has an equal number of chips around them.

Circular Poker Tables

Circular or round tables are usually arranged for four to six people, with a dealer at the center of the table. Circular poker tables offer a more intimate feel as players face each other. The ergonomic design of the round table provides a perfect playing surface, and the game allows for excellent player interaction. Circular tables usually range from 48 inches to 60 inches in diameter.

Octagon Poker Tables

Octagon-shaped poker tables are becoming more popular among experienced poker players. The eight-sided table is approximately 55 inches wide, and the center of the table is inclined towards the dealer. Octagon tables accommodate up to eight players, with each player having his corner of the table. The Octagon poker table offers extra space to players ensuring that they can sort their chips and cards correctly.

Folding Poker Tables

Folding poker tables are another popular option for people who want to have a portable poker table for home use. The folding poker table allows for easy portability and storage. They are available in various shapes and sizes, including rectangular, oval, circular, and octagonal. The folding poker table has a center fold that allows the table to fold up into a compact size for storage or transportation. Complement your reading and expand your knowledge on the topic with this specially selected external content for you. octagon poker table, uncover new perspectives and additional information!


To set up a perfect poker game, the right table is a crucial component. The right size and shape of the poker table is an important element to consider when choosing a table. There are rectangular, oval, circular, and octagonal shaped tables. So, you have to meet your playing requirements to select the right size and shape for your table. It is important to note that purchasing a table that is comfortable for both the players and the dealer is essential for a fun and enjoyable game.

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